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City London Escorts-Employment Terms and Conditions
1. Status

As an Escort you are independent and not employed by City London Escorts. You agree that City London Escorts are responsible for the marketing, advertisement, websites and arranging the meeting with the clients. City London Escorts do not offer any illegal services. The agreed fees are only for the companionship with the Escorts. Anything else that happens is a matter of personal choice between two or more adults of a legal age.

2. Free Decision

You confirm that you are deciding on your own to work as an Escort and nobody is forcing you to do anything that you do not want yourself and that nobody is asking you for money that you are working apart of the agency fee.

3. Agency Fee

You agree to pay City London Escorts their agency fees for marketing, advertisement, websites, phone service. The open agency is fee has to be paid also when you decide to stop working for the arranged meetings. However, you can stop working anytime and no further costs will apply apart of open fees for received bookings.

4. Legal Age

You confirm that are in the adult age and it is legal for you to work in the Escort business.

5. Working Permission

You confirm that you have a legal working permission in the country that you are working.

6. Taxes

The declaration of taxes for your income out of the escort business is in your own responsibility. However, please note that you do have to pay taxes for escorting in almost all countries. Please check your legal situation in your country with a tax consultant or lawyer.

7. Photos

You agree that City London Escorts put your photos on different websites and make advertisement for you. You confirm that the photos you are sending are genuine and without any copyrights and free for use. Should you submit photos from another person, you will be responsible and any legal costs will be charged to you.

8. Clients

You confirm that you do not give your personal number to clients and meeting them directly as City London Escorts has invested a lot of money for websites, advertisement, and infrastructure.
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