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London Tantra

City London Escorts offers Tantra therapists who introduces you in the world of Tantra, a kind of religon, philosophical and magical movement in Hinduism and Buddishm.

Tantra (tantricism or tantrism) is an esoteric movement with its origin since over 6000 years in religions in India and with various forms all over South and South East Asia.

Tantric massage or tantra sex should give a sexual ecstasy with a healing result for body and mainly for the soul. Tantra therapists say that tantric session are healing enhancing.

Tantric sexual practices shows to prolong the act of making love and to use potent orgasmic energies more effectively. Tantrism is using all our human senses to increase and extend the sexual and orgasmic pleasure.

A London TANTRA session with one of our London Tantra Goddess might vary and may include:

- Shower
- Introduction chat
- Breath work in order to help you to relax
- Tantric treatment by heightening and teasing your senses by using very light, long and gentle sweeping strokes, touch, skin on skin, breath, sound, different feathers, silk, warm oil.. Later on, once all arousal is build, the Tantra Goddess might concentrate on your lingam (Lingam = Penis) an all around your base Chakra (your sexual centre).

It is well known that women have a G-spot but so do men! The prostata is the men's G-Spot and the emotion nerve center of a man's sexual feelings. However, it is not only the feeling center for his sexual desires, but also his hates, hostilities, hates and stresses. Male G-spot massage cn increase blood flow, soften and shrink the prostata gland and relax the surrounding muscles. A gentle G-spot massage with combined touching of the penis can give extended sexual pleasure.

See free video clips about Tantra massage (copy and paste below listed links):


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